PACT Testimonials


As a way to measure how well we met our objectives, on August 2009 PACT began pre and post surveys. One of the questions on the survey solicits "Comments". Following are client comments:


From a Client:

Hello! Once again I want to tell you that I am so happy that I have been able to attend the pact classes. With you and the info you have provided is much more than just  sitting in a chair in a room. A long time before  I attended your class, with all do respect to the judicial process, I  had hoped that someone somewhere was willing to provide any info to those of us who really want to help our children. You have heard me in class tell people that the situation can be overcome, and with your help, if people will take hold of it, their situations can be overcome. Once again, thank you for everything!

P.S. What can I or We do to help you to keep this class going?





Awesome facilitators

Gary G

Wish I took this class sooner

Thank you again,


I thought the class was very well put together

Instructors were great. Class gave me Respect and understanding for the system. Thank you for your understanding and non-judgemental way Both of you treated me. You tried your best to make sure to answer any questions and understood all the answers

Teacher was great

Excellent instructors

Class was great

Still thinking

Both sides should attend!, more legal advice, maybe a lawyer could attend

Awesome facilitators

I will come back for a tune up and the best thing is it's free

I have one word to describe it :AWESOME!

Good class, but totally irrelevent to my situation. Punishment complete

Wish it was there sooner

Helpful info on resources

Very informative. Plenty helpful information

The class has helped me and my situation a lot. It kept my head up and reminded me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Didn't want to come, but I am certainly glad I did. Excellent program

I got information that was helpful

Very informational

Thanks for your special help with my other childs needs!! Thanks for a good experience and support!!

1. Got a few questions answered by the support people.
2. Only cost me money and I had to take the last class on my B-Day

Great job

Teacher was great

Please video record classes so Prosecutors see that we are real humans under special circumstances

Glad I did it. Very helpful and informative.
1. Very good Information 2. Very much so

I learned that the support program understands my situation more than I knew and weren't out to get me.